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air date 1/26/19

Calling out Bad Behavior Part 2

We invited the CEO of Green Money to come on the show & answer a few questions about their practices.   With first hand experience dealing with this company we know how they roll and it is our commitment to let the public know when bad behavior is out there especially when it involves Cryptos. 

Air date 01/19/19

Calling out Bad Behavior Part 1

Whenever you have cash transactions there will always be those who try to game the system & not do their job.   We reveal the true name of this entity next week as we have invited them on the show to defend behavior that is undefendable.   Because of company's like this is  why we need Crypto now.  

Air date 01/13/2019

Would you pay 3 million dollars for a Fish ?

This week we take a look at our value system and what we desire in this life. What price we are willing to pay to be successful.    A Japanese restaurant owner recently paid over $3,000,000 for a single bluefin tuna.    What does this have to do with Cryptos?   Tuna into Cryptomania to find out.  

Air date 01/06/2019

Live, from Boston it's Saturday Morning

We have switched our format from prerecorded to Live shows for 2019.   This week we dig into SkyCoin, a privacy coin that is being promoted by Crypto Pioneer John McAfee.   

We now take calls from listeners during shows and the Cryptomaniacs are asking about one of the shows favorite cryptos BuzzCoin

Air Date 12/29/2018

Jimmy Tingle - Why would a comedian run for office

This week we talk all things comedy, politics and cryptocurrency with our very special guest Jimmy Tingle.   Jimmy has appeared on CNN, NPR, HBO, PBS & had a regular slot on 60 Minutes, (think) Andy Rooney.  He has now hit the big time with Cryptomania.  This guy is a man on a mission with a message

Air date 12/22/2018

Banks vs. Cryptos - Can't we just get a along

It seems some commercial banks do not like Cryptocurrency and have gone as far as to close businesses bank accounts for hosting a Bitcoin ATM.  

Other banks are embracing blockchain and we showcase a few Crypto friendly banks. 

In our second segment we play a few fun favorite hoilday song parodys. 

air date 12/15/2018

Crypto Jeopardy Debut

Cryptocurency going mainsteam with a catagory on a recent episode of the popular TV show Jeopardy. Introducing "Crypto Jeopardy" with the Northshore 104.9FM morning show team Lindsey, Matt and Erika.   Packed with laughs and fun if you listen  you just might learn something about cryptocurrency.   

Air date 12/8/2018

How the Bot Stole Christmas with Paul D'Angelo

As the holidays approach some companies are using Bots to drive up the price of popular toys.   Listen to find out how.   My  in studio guest is comedian Paul D'Angelo who knows nothing about Cryptos whatsoever but we had a fun time mixing it up. 

Air date 11/24/2018

Bitcoin Correction Explained

The recent market correction has  many in a tail spin....But not the Cryptomaniacs!  The perfect time to invest in Crypto is now & I give some tips to keep it together when all others panic.  

 In the second segment I'm joined by David Yas founder and CEO of the Boston Podcast Network and

Show air date 11/17/18

Bitcoin Cash and Bitmains Hash Attack

Bitmain has deployed 90,000 miners in China ahead of the BCH Hard Fork.  These rigs combined will consume more energy than most citys in America. 

I attempt to explain this to my two in studio guests Rick D from Rt. 1 Magazine and Gary Marino with World Gone Crazy Comedy Band and it was a laugh fest!

Show Air Date 11/10/2018

Facebook and Cryptos

Facebook has just announced that its 2 billion worldwide users of Facebook messenger can now send and receive Litecoin via it's Facebook IM app.   This is a game changer for the Crypto space we explain step by step how to get this set up on your smart phone.     

Air Date 11/3/2018

Happy 10th Birthday Bitcoin

It's been 10 short years since Satoshi Nakamoto released a white paper on a new digital currency called Bitcoin.  From a concept in 2008 to a market capitalization of over $111 Billion in 2018 Bitcoin is changing the way we think about commerce.  

Show Aire date 10/27/2018

How to Get Free Cryptocurrency Worth Real $$

With new crypto coins coming out each week, companies are scrambling to get there crypto project out to the masses.   They use a unique marketing tool called airdrops that give free crypto coins to those who sign up. 

We also ask the age old question to the banks, Why Can't we be friends?  


6 must see films on Bitcoin & Cryptos

Seems like Hollywood has jumped on the Crypto bandwagon with many films about Bitcoin and Blockchain in recent months.    This week we look at the 6 must see films on Bitcoin and  blockchain  technology.   

 We also dicussed Facebooks censorship of Crypto realted ads that would help promote this show


Hip Hop and Rap's Love affair with Crypto's

Hip Hop and Rap artist's are flocking to Crypto and this week Cryptomania got a shout out from Multi Platinum Recording Star SoulJa Boy. 

We also take a look at an ad campaign for Honey Nut Cheerrios an  how it may have crossed a line  by confusing consumers about the crypto  project


The 21 Day bitcoin challenge

This week we look at the women in China who lived on Bitcoin and only Bitcoin for 21 days.....In a country where all cryptocurrency is outlawed.   

I also discuss the best business I ever owned, a lemonade stand when I was ten.   


Bitcoin is growing and the scammers are scamming

Some of the smartest people I know have been scammed and lost bitcoin. Listen and Learn how to protect your coins and never send cryptos to an unknown address.   

We also discuss Crypto Bots and how to make money in a down market and finally we cover Crypto Shaming & the haters who hate hate hate 


BuzzCoin is the Buzz

Interview with Maxim Polyarniy, Team leader on the Buzz Coin Project. Buzzcoin is one of Cryptomania's Winners pick for 2019 and a project we believe will change the world of commercial bee keeping.   Please check out and listen to this podcast for indepth insights into cryptos & bees 


Cryptomania gets National Press


Our press release was picked up by over 270 media outlets in every major market in the USA including many ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX affillates across America.

We also highlight several funny Bitcoin songs and our friend John Barrett with the podcast Bitcoins and Gravy.